Getting Started


We encourage prospective clients to schedule a consultation to explore their legal needs. During that meeting, we:

● strive to understand prospective clients’ goals;
● gather basic information about pending legal matters or concerns;
● answer initial questions;
● provide basic information about the legal process;
● help clients understand steps they will need to take;
● provide an opportunity for potential clients to determine if they will be comfortable working with us; and,
● determine if we can assist potential clients.

We do charge for consultations. The basic fee is $100 for a half-hour consultation. If the meeting lasts longer than half an hour, all additional time is billed at $300 an hour. We will ask for payment at the conclusion of the consultation.

Scheduling an appointment is easy. Either call the office to schedule; or, click on the “Contact Us” link below, complete the form and we will contact you. Or, you can call our office manger, Glenda Kelly, to make an appointment.

We look forward to working with you.

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