We also understand that not all relationships are forever, despite parties’ best intentions when they get together. Kansas divorce laws provide extensive financial protections for those who have been able to marry. For those who cannot or do not marry, for whatever reason, the statutory protections of divorce do not exist. There are, however, various legal means to protect separating partners’ rights. It is important for parties in nontraditional relationships to know that all is not lost if the relationship ends. Our goal is to work with clients and negotiate, mediate or when necessary, go to court, to reach realistic and fair resolutions of their financial or other disputes with former partners.

We also recognize that some of our divorce clients are leaving a traditional marriage as they acknowledge a different sexual orientation. Sometimes, the divorce is prompted by a desire to enter immediately into a nontraditional relationship. Each decision is fraught with difficultly. We are sensitive to our clients’ needs in these situations. In each instance, we use the legal tools necessary and appropriate to protect our client’s rights and to help them achieve their goals.

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