We assist clients who have children as a result of prior relationships; who want to have children through artificial insemination or surrogacy; who want to adopt a child; and, who want to place a child for adoption. In assisting these clients, we frequently address the more common issues of child custody in divorce and child support. But, we also have represented clients in negotiating sperm donor contracts, sales of ovaries, and efforts to establish parental rights for both parents in a same-sex partnership.

As nontraditional families attempt to raise children, they frequently face multiple situations where the legal rights of an adult to make decisions for children are at issue. Challenges may come from school personnel or in an emergency room when a child is injured. Or, the challenge may come from a parent who contests a grandparent’s rights. Confrontations, whether with authorities or others, can be embarrassing and frightening. With proper planning, problems can be avoided. Some of the solutions we use to address these concerns are powers of attorney and establishment of guardianships and conservatorships.

If a nontraditional relationship ends and there were children involved, questions of custody and support become a primary concern. Custody and support can also be a problem for those who end a traditional marriage by divorce to recognize a different gender orientation or to enter into a nontraditional relationship. We work with these clients to develop parenting plans that make sense and will work under the circumstances. When necessary, with the assistance of various experts we battle all the social prejudices that may exist to create a parenting plan that is in our clients’ children’s best interests.

We recognize that the needs of our clients who are parents expand with ongoing changes in social mores and scientific advances. We are pleased that we are able to assist clients achieve their realistic parenting goals.

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